Friday, July 15, 2011

Science Fiction Study Day - 16th September

I'm giving a talk about J.G. Ballard's early short stories at this Science Fiction Study Day at the British Library on Friday 16th September. Details are here. And here's what the BL has to say about the event:

To support the Out of this World exhibition we’re hosting a study day to explore the ways in which science fiction has inspired and had impact upon research and study across a wide range of disciplines.

Like the exhibition itself, the day will challenge popular perceptions of the genre, by bringing together a host of acclaimed academics and researchers from fields ranging from English literature and visual arts to social and cultural studies, geography, science and medicine.

From utopian to dystopian visions, Futurism to Futurology, the participants will talk about recent projects that feature various aspects of science fiction discourse. Learn about the most recent research trends, methodologies and applications, and get inspired by the ideas and questions examined during the day.

The event is open to all, but will be of particular interest to postgraduate researchers.

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