Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Critical Quarterly 53:3, a Special Issue on "Food", edited by Matthew Taunton and Lucy Scholes

The new issue of Critical Quarterly (53:3) is a special issue edited by me and Lucy Scholes, on the subject of food. The issue includes contributions by Alex Mackintosh and Laura Salisbury, as well as by Lucy and me. As we put it in our editorial:
The media today is food obsessed. Our television schedules are packed with food programming, cookery books sell like hot cakes, and questionable nutritional advice is everywhere. Celebrity chefs are the philosophers of our time.
There has also been a significant increase in academic interest in the histories and cultures of food, spanning a number of disciplines. This issue of CQ does not attempt to provide a comprehensive survey of this material. It seemed to us, however, that the general emphasis of much of the existing work has been on consumption, and part of our aim was to redress the balance by putting production back into the picture. So we have brought together four essays that address aspects of food culture, from agricultural production and animal slaughter to contemporary food-media and finally the bodily – and psychological – processes of ingestion, digestion and excretion. Although it was not our original intention to produce an issue that was primarily concerned with the abject side of food, this has turned out to be a significant feature of the collection: among other things, these articles discuss famine, slaughter, cannibalism, vomiting, and Jamie Oliver.
 Institutional subscribers can access the full issue here. Anyone else is welcome to contact me for details.

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